fresatura SIRIO

Water-jet cutting


Our company is equipped with 3 advanced water-jet machines that allow us to eliminate cut conicity, typical of traditional systems, by using a dynamic water-jet technology with dimensional and parallelism tolerances. We also carry out 3d processing, that is to say inclined cut up to 55 degrees with active flow dinamic tolerance control. The operating area measures 2000×4000 and 7300×2000 with a 250-mm-cutting thickness. Our design office, in charge of calculating cad-cam developments, enables the optimisation of the slabs to be cut thus minimising off-cuts.

Abrasive water-jet cutting, namely high pressure cut by using a blend of water and sand, has long been used by Sirio and offers limitless possibilities in terms of materials and shapes.

Throughout the years, our company has become an Italian leading centre of expertise as to water-jet cutting on all kinds of materials.

Water-jet cutting does not cause materials to be subjected to mechanical or thermal stress. Other features of this processing include the possibility to work any type of material while cutting down extra costs thanks to cutting high quality.

The unique safety guaranteed by this processing – through the automatic control of all critical parametres – sets quality record-breaking. Regardless of the production sector – automotive, aerospacial, stones and ceramics, tools and moulds production, seals, third-party processing – you can cut metal, stone, plastic, composite materials, glass, ceramic, rubber and many more.

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