Sirio helps you develop your decorating ideas in the furnishing sector. We can cut all kinds of material, while preserving both their original resistance and appearance.
Some of its uses: inlaid floors and complex slabs of marble, granite and other stones for refined decoration of interior and exterior design, glass cutting for the realisation and production of stained glass windows.


Sirio is able to create high precision technical products for a wide range of sectors: industrial, mechanical, automotive, naval, aeronautic and aerospace, making the most of the materials used. Our equipment can cut all kinds of materials regardless of their shape: titanium, Inconel®, brass and steel, aluminium, copper, marble, plastics, glass, carbon fiber, multilayered materials, rubbers and the like.

Sirio | Company Profile

Sirio grew out of water-jet cutting technology, the cutting system of the future able to combine cut precision and high quality while preserving the features of the materials under processing. We are able to meet all our clients’ requirements, from high precision technical products up to decoration on drawing and to guarantee short-term delivery deadlines. We are your ideal partner for milling processing and for water-jet cutting on any kind of material: steel, aluminium, brass, copper, marble, plastics, glass, carbon fiber, multilayered materials and the like.

By using water-jet cutting as a setup step for milling, Sirio allows you to save up to 70%. Depending on the end product requirements, milling can also be completely spared. Through this innovative processing production costs are cut drastically..


SIRIO has become an Italian leading centre of expertise in the field of water-jet cutting on all kinds of materials.

Sirio has become an Italian leading centre of expertise in the field of water-jet cutting on all kinds of materials. During water-cutting processing, materials are not subjected to mechanical or thermal stress. This procedure allows us to process any type of material available, while reducing production costs thanks to its high quality cutting.

Starting from this year, milling is also offered. Advanced machineries allow to perform any large-scale processing requiring operating speed, high accuracy and working power.

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