fresatura SIRIO



Milling is particularly suitable for large-scale processing requiring operating speed, very high precision and working power.

In this macrosectors, we find:cardboard forniture / packaging / paper / digital printing / signs and signage / technical industry. The speed of execution, the ability to process panels of different sizes and the variety of materials can be machined, allow our machines to operate in different sectors of Graphic Arts and make concrete all the ideas, an expression of your creativity.


Mechanical / automotive / naval / rail transport / electronics.

Our machines allow you to:

  • process sheets / panels where the concept of Nesting (Optimization) becomes the strong point in the productions in which the quantity combined with the quality differentiate a normal investment by a high yield
  • production of prototypes and small batches of printed circuit boards
  • engraving and milling of labels for panels and control panels, details for the aviation industry made from Aluminium, Titanium, Carbon Fibre, and other materials
  • however all non-ferrous materials for a range of applications from mechanics, the food industry, from rail to boating

Protek machines are especially designed for precision machining, which makes them suitable for the fields of jewelry, fashion, and for the production of small parts. The processing of many materials, from leather to the precious metals, allow you to create true works of art, both individual pieces and larger productions.


Wood and wood products, plastics and composites, aluminum and composite, fibers and rigid composites, rigid foams, reflective materials, PVC foam, leather, felt, natural fibers, plexiglas©, aluminium composite panels, honeycomb, cement fiber panels, aluminium and light alloys, polycarbonate film, cork and similar, polystyrene, rubber, paper.

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